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Finding a good cook is always a challenge and the options are never enough. An efficient cook prepares delicious meals according to your taste and menu with timely delivery. Ohhpro helps you to find the best cook in minutes near you and you get thousand options on your finger tip. Hire an ideal cook who understands your food habit and fits to your budget.

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One-time Cook

Whether you have a small gathering or a party at home and you want to serve your guests; home cooked food with professional taste. Hire a cook who has skills to prepare delicious dishes to make your party flavorful.
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Everyday Cook

The role of an everyday cook includes, from setting up the kitchen to prepare ingredients with chopping, peeling and cutting to use in cooking. The cook must understand your taste and way of cooking; and deliver meals in-time.

Commercial Cook

A commercial cook is skilled with multi-cuisine and experienced in handling various utensils, grillers, ovens along with different cooking techniques and presentations. Through ohhpro service hire a professional cook who is apt in multi-tasking and deft in moving around the kitchen of your restaurant or hotel.
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Yes, of course you can book a cook for your restaurant. You can book instantly using 4 easy steps.
  1. Go to the cook service page and click on ‘Book Now’ for commercial cook.
  2. It will take you directly to the booking page, where you can select your preferable time, date and price for the service.
  3. Select your verified jobber among the jobbers available in your location.
  4. Choose your mode of payment and confirm your booking.  
The role of an everyday cook includes, preparing ingredients like peeling, chopping and cutting to use in cooking, provide meals in-time and to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen while using it.

Yes, of course you can book a cook, who prepares vegetarian food only. You can specify your preferable type of food and cook, while booking for a service in the booking page.

Customer satisfaction is most important for us and by using our platform you can always keep your specific preference of food type and jobber type upfront.

Cook service charge starts from Rs. 50.20 per hour. While booking for a job, you can select a jobber from the jobber’s list depending on the price specified by the jobber. The price for any service is entirely dependent, on the stretch of service hours and the charge of the specific professional.

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