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Maintenance Collection

Are you a society supervisor who has been handed over maintenance for hundreds of flats to manage in a residential society? Automate the monthly maintenance collection with the Ohhpro Junction ERP solution. Send automated payment invoices to society members, send reminders to society members for late payments, automated late payment calculation, generate custom payment invoices against any flat, record payment summary of each flat, track housing society monthly maintenance collection, etc.

mygate app
mygate app
Automated Vendor Payment & Tracking

Managing vendors/suppliers is a time-consuming & complicated process. You need to be sure that the right supplier is chosen, the right delivery is made on time, and handle the payment process as well. Ohhpro Junction ERP solution provides the tool needed both within and across your organization to manage vendor information, compliance, performance & payment – all in one place. Smooth vendor onboarding, optimized vendor management system, vendor invoice processing, quotation management, integrated procure-to-pay, integrated invoice data into your general ledger, track vendor activity, and much more. It's all automatic, so you can spend less time setting up, and more time checking performance

Inventory Management

A complete inventory management software can oversee complete visibility of inventory control, a quick glance at available stockpiles while receiving new orders, cloud ERP, retail point of sales (POS), online order management, billing software, GST integrations, and more. It helps maintain your inventory classified with important details like prices, cost, and availability, purchase, and sales transactions, get a timeline view of every activity in sales and purchase, faster documentation, and proactive tracking to keep them neatly organized.

mygate app
mygate app

Asset Management

Optimize and automate the lifecycle of your property assets so they can last for long. Ohhpro Junction Asset Management tool gives you complete visibility and control of your assets. It helps you track and manage assets throughout their lifecycle more efficiently, with all history details of hardware assets belong to the society property, maintenance history and warranty contracts. Optimizing ordering schedules, ensure timely returns with aumatic notification updates. Streamline the society asset management process, saves time by enabling users to reserve equipment via ohhpro junction user interface. Streamline maintenance of the equipment and assets, reduce downtime, and cut cost.

Customized General Ledger & Trial Balance

The General Ledger Trial Balance Report lists actual account balances and activity by ledger, balancing, and account segment. The report includes the account number, description, and debit or credit balance for the beginning and ending period, income statement, balance sheet, or all balances for a selected range of accounting combinations. It keeps a tab on the account, account description, year beginning balances, net beginning balances, prior periods, period activity, ending balances, net ending balances and a lot more. An automated tool customizing General Ledger Trial Balance Report can reduce a hasty of work saving much of your time without leaving space for error.

mygate app
mygate app

Tax Calculation, Financial Analytics, Reports, Graphs

Pen and paper or static data will no longer cut it in today’s fast-paced, competitive commercial landscape. To ensure the best possible performance for a society, conducting regular financial analytics and ensuring the highest quality of data management must be the top priorities of societies. That's why financial analysis needs to be created with the utmost care and attention. Financial data visualizations such as interactive dashboards are complete with charts and graphs that assist in the tracking of all of your data on one navigable platform. For optimizing reports and tax analysis, these dashboards help result in more efficient cash management, accurate expense tracking, comprehensive insights on sales, profit and loss analysis, and additional visual insights geared towards reaching valuable financial goals.

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