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Moving Into New Apartment:-
New Tenant:
The decision to move into a new apartment and live up to the new community standards can be a daunting task. And the arrangements for this requires advanced planning and stern decision.

Few things are exciting about moving to an apartment, whereas moving to a new place comes with a lot of responsibilities whether it's rent amount, signing a contract, or paying a deposit for the house.
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To help with this arrangement here is Ohhpro Junction App ; an advanced tenant management system that can help and ease your apartment living. With the Ohhpro Junction mobile App, you can easily keep a track of your rental details (rent payments, security deposit, and contract tenure) & more. 

Model Tenancy Act:

Under the new model act, “It is mandated that all tenancy agreements will be registered with the authority with a unique registration identity." The Rent Agreement will be signed in duplicate and landlord and tenant will retain an original copy each. Landlords are to provide receipts for rent and other payments.

The period of tenancy is left for agreement between the tenant and landlord.Renewal has to be done within the period of tenancy.
"The advance rent that a tenant has to pay the landlord has been capped at two months for residential and six months for commercial premises. This is to be paid back to the tenant after deductions for tenant liabilities. Responsibility for maintenance of the property in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy lies with both the landlord and tenant.
Repair and maintenance of common areas should be documented in the tenancy agreement. If the landlord defaults on repairs, the tenant can undertake those repairs and deduct them from the rent.”
Keeping detailed records of what has been paid is not only important to make sure tenants have paid on time, it is also helpful to maintain the invoice record, dues, and payments to be disputed at any circumstance. But it is even more convenient to maintain your rent agreement, invoice, etc. digitally with no risk of misplacing it; as digital exchange of words or consent is as equivalent to exchanging over paper written and signed.

  • Upload your rent agreement
  • Record of all the current and past invoices
  • Reminder notification for dues and payments

A tenant management plan is a great way for both tenants and house owners to keep a track of the amount of rent owed for the apartment. 

House Owner:

Owners may find the tenant management app a very useful tool; enabling them to keep track of what they have paid, see the cost over the entire rental term and do effective budgeting. The tenant management schedule is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. At the top of the page, there is a dashboard relating to the tenancy, with the facility to display

  • Total Rent Amount
  • Security Deposit
  • Maintenance Amount
  • Contract Tenure

This is especially useful for owners renting their flats/houses. This tenant dashboard makes it easy for house owners to see tenant details, payment details, their expected i and plan for any work that may need doing accordingly.
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Administering New Tenants:-
Apartment Admin:

The administration is an important part of the community management Process involving responsibility for the effective planning, guidance, and regulation of a community, in the fulfilment of a given task. 
The Society Admin takes the responsibility of managing all the affairs of the society on an ad hoc basis, to manage people systematically and things run smoothly within the community.
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 But problems may occur when new people move in, people move out, keeping a track of their data, delay in payment, society bill dues, maintenance bills, and a lot more. Admin's role is concerned with residents (tenant and owner), security, and finance of the society. With tenant management feature, it gets easy for admins as well to keep a track of the detail of all residents, housing types, and payment status of each house. Ohhpro Junction Admin App helps apartment admins to carry out the procedures by which the entire community is laid down and communicated; and the process is regulated and checked against time. The admin has power to,
  • Add and approve new user.
  • Remove a user from the apartment/Ohhpro Junction system.
  • Maintain the database of all residents (tenant/owner).
  • Keep track of society bill, rent, and maintenance of each house.
  • Make important announcement on notice board.

Download the Ohhpro Junction App today and manage your tenancy at ease, make your stay safe and hassle-free. Get to use the new tenant management feature and take your apartment living to new heights with Ohhpro Junction.

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