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Cooperation is the foundation of a housing society intending to protect the economic interests with the motive of the welfare of the residents. A housing society is a group of individuals working together for common and mutual benefits to meet their economic, social and cultural needs. Residents appreciate the hard work that their Managing Committee invests towards the effective and efficient functioning of their society; but they too want to be a part for all important decisions taken for the betterment of their society. And democracy is undoubtedly the key element necessary to build a happy society.

Thanks to OhhPro Junction, this can be done easily through organizing a poll with the all-in-one society super-app, without any paper cost, no manual effort, immediate and fair result.

This app-based configuration in organizing a polling event, lets you conduct a poll for the appropriate matter and audience. Residents can voice their opinions on various topics and help the community reach an understanding. Creating a poll, allows all residents in the society to participate and choose. It may be for creating a new management committee or electing the new society admin or so. You get a fair number of options to choose from, get to decide, vote anonymously and track poll responses of members from each house and more. Because of end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, Ohhpro Junction society management app is completely secure to carry out election voting procedures.


  1. Digital Polling event: from creating a poll to vote participation and result, the entire voting process is done over the app.
  2. Anonymous voting: Free, fair, and anonymous voting through individual app accounts without revealing voter's info.
  3. High participation. This allows everyone to take part in their society election from anywhere.
  4. Cost effective: No need to print nomination forms, arrange ballot papers or set up polling booths.
  5. Immediate result: You don’t have to wait long for the result, as you get it in minutes.
Collaboration & Communication in the society:

In a residential society where inhabitants belong to different culture and lifestyle, it is important to handle all society related matters with transparency to build trust and cooperation among residents. At times, they may have inconvenience regarding a common problem, confusion related to society rules, some internal conflicts or other society related queries. Residents may have questions about a decision or may need clarity on certain procedures and policies of the society. A genuine and fair resolution can only be brought through sincere participation of all.
It’s essential that everyone is notified of society updates, decisions, development while being encouraged to give their inputs in the spirit of collaboration.

The annual election in housing societies is a grand event that needs to be conducted efficiently. Each society has its protocol in terms of participating members, nominations, ballot system, vote counting, date, time, etc. Some societies strictly adhere to a particular date of the year while some don't. MC/RWA has to ensure that all required election rules, regulations, notices for nominations, last dates, and other pertinent details are followed according to the state bye-laws and relayed to the residents on time. For which Ohhpro Junction Society ERP System offer the feature of using a Digital Notice Board that ensure all society related important updates are delivered timely to residents.

Also Read*In India housing society law varies from state to state that list the guidelines to conduct society elections.

  • For instance, In a state like Odisha, the Election Officer shall publish the date of the General Body Meeting of the Society for holding election two months prior to the date of such meeting for the concerned Society. Refer to Odisha Cooperative Societies act 30, 30(A), 30(B), 30(C) for more information.
  • Where as in Karnataka, No member, no representative or no delegate of a society shall have more than one vote in the general meeting or in the election of the members of the Board of a co-operative society. To know the detailed laws of elections in Karnataka, follow The Karnataka Cooperative Societies Act here.
  • And as per Maharashtra Cooperative society act, a housing society with less than 250 members to conduct a month-long election procedure to cover voting lists, nomination, withdrawal, balloting, and rejections.
Organising society Polling/voting:

  1. Ohhpro Junction Polling- Create polls/vote online
    Any Housing Society Association or RWA or Owner Association that needs to conduct an election in their society, like societies going through a builder handover process, forming the new management committee, electing their society president or chairman, hosting their first ever society election, cultural committees; needs a smooth, easy and efficient process for the same. It’s difficult to personally contact every one and count votes. You can run online polls to gather opinions and get votes for yes or no on the app in a few steps and make decisions instantly.

  2. Digital Notice Board- Send notice to all residents for participation
    Send notice to a specific resident or make a society announcement or need to call management committee for a meeting with regards to an upcoming decision. Just select the contacts of people who must attend the meeting, and send them notice online over the app. The same can be applied to inform all residents and invite them to participate in the society polling event.

  3. Ohhpro Social- Initiate discussion in society forum There’s no better way to collaborate with your community than having a sociable conversation over society matters and other topics in your apartment's private social forum. By initiating group discussions, sharing ideas, resolving a situation, and feedback on activities or decision-making, a civilized urban society can have every communication on the forum.
For Society Admin to create a Poll :
  1. Login to Ohhpro Junction Admin dashboard
  2. Go to Admin Features
  3. Click on Polling Management
  4. Click on the + Sign to initiate a polling event
  5. Select Opinion Poll or Voting
  6. Enter the required details and click on update
For Society Residents to Vote:
  1. Log in to the User dashboard
  2. Click on the Polling icon
  3. Check the current Polling event running in your society
  4. Click on Vote and select yes/no to put your opinion
  5. Click on My Polling to check polling status (number of people voted)

What could be more amazing?:-

That is why we have come up with an Online Polling System in Ohhpro Junction Society Super App that strengthens communication in the society and brings society more closer.

This feature is available Free of Cost to all Ohhpro Junction Subscribers.

Feel free to contact us in case you need help installing Ohhpro Junction in your society. We will be happy to help you!

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