Parking issues in housing societies

Among the various aspects of living together in an apartment/society, one important facet is parking space. But with so many automobiles around efficient management of the same in an apartment or society ecosystem is also a necessity.

As simple as it may look and sound, parking involves a lot of nuances, ranging from parking space allotment, registered parking to parking lot maintenance, etc. which can often be a cause of discomfort and occasional altercations between residents. However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated, and there are many things you can do to help yourself and your fellow tenants with the parking situation. This article will explore various aspects of parking in residential apartments.

  • Types of parking in apartments
  • Cost aspects of parking space
  • Parking laws in India
  • Apartment parking problems
  • solutions
  • best app for society management
    Types of parking:

    Parking spaces can be covered (stilt) or open or maybe at the ground level or basement level. Apartments do provide separate spaces for 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers apart from guest parking. And apartments with larger units do provide separate guest parking to ease the parking for residents. Guest parking areas are generally kept apart from regular resident parking and are provided with a pass having details of the parking spot.

    • Open Parking:–Uncovered parking spots within the apartment complex premises.
    • Stilt Parking:–Partially covered parking spots on the ground floor of the apartment complex.
    • Garage Parking:–Fully covered complete parking facilities.
    Cost aspect of buying a Parking Space:

    As part of the payment plan while booking an apartment, builders/developers charge an amount for an exclusive space to park your vehicle. This amount usually involves the ownership to park one 4 wheeler and one/two 2 wheeler. In some cases, house owners go on to purchase more than 1 parking space for 4-wheeler as well. Apartments’ parking fees are commonly high, which is unreasonable for some of us. Some apartments charge as much as 10,000 per month for parking space when what they offer is not worth that amount of money.

    Law for parking space in India:

    According to RERA Act (2016), covered garage space can be sold separately by the builder, however, open or stilt parking spaces are clearly defined as part of common amenities such as lobby, stairs, elevator, garden, etc. These belong to the apartment property as soon as it’s registered and the builder arranges a handover followed by the Occupation Certificate issued by the municipal corporation.
    Apartment parking problems:

    The main problems of parking at apartment complexes are;

    Outsiders parking:-Unknown parking in an apartment society can be stressful, especially drivers without proper identification and other problems that come along compromising the safety of the residents and society.

    Guest parking:- Guest Parking in the your designated space means you must wait until guests leave the space or no longer uses it or have to park the car outside the premise.

    Unregistered parking:- People often steal or break into cars parked there, and residents need to pay costly repair costs if their car was broken into or stolen from their own apartment complex's parking lot.

    Limited parking space:- Parking space is limited to per apartment unit, making it crowded and hard to find an empty spot. If you are coming home late at night, or have friends over and need extra spots to park it becomes difficult to manage. Parking has been identified as one of many significant challenges that can be encountered by societies, such as residential apartments, gated communities or townhouse complexes among others.

    Common Solution to the Parking Problems:

    There are three solutions that work for most apartments, but ultimately it's up to your apartment community's unique needs.

  • First-come first-serve parking: You should assign each resident their own parking spot, and let them know that if they aren't in it when someone else is there, the spot will be given to them
  • Carpooling: Create a system where residents get an allotted number of free parking spots on nights and weekends
  • Paid parking: Go for more than 1 parking space with a certain amount of charges paid every month
  • ohhpro society resident management system

    Ohhpro Junction has a hassle-free way to deal with these concerns.   In apartment communities, parking problems will always surface, but you can take steps to make parking management easier. To effectively manage visitors and community members, you should stop relying on registers and guest books and instead shift your focus to an app.

    Ohhpro Junction apartment management super-app is an important tool for managing visitors, staff, residents, and a one-stop solution to their parking problems.

    With the help of Ohhpro Junction community management app,

  • Have designated parking spots reserved for residents only by updating vehicle info. This ensures that residents know where to park and makes sure that people don't park wherever they please and leave their cars overnight.
  • It helps residents, owners, and managers to keep track of guests when they enter and exit. This is a great solution for both apartment complexes and homeowners who want to ensure their property is safe from intruders
  • Society admin, supervisor, and security guards can monitor activities to keep a check on any potential violation inside the apartment premise

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