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Enter Cloud Kitchen:-
The food industry is changing with every passing time. It has developed over the decades to satisfy consumer needs and behaviour. This industry functions by a combined system of costs, and regulations involving supply, consumption, and delivery of food. But now with covid-19 hit the restaurant industry and other food businesses hard; is likely to keep people away from dine-in restaurants for an uncertain time. And with this situation around every now and then we come across unusual terms like ‘Ghost Kitchens’ or ‘Virtual Kitchens’ or 'Cloud kitchen' etc.
Before we proceed on this it is important to understand.

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What is cloud kitchen ?
A cloud kitchen is a commercial kitchen space that provides the facilities and services needed for food delivery and takeout. Unlike regular dine-out locations, cloud kitchens allow to prepare and deliver food products with minimal overhead. To put it simply, any food delivery or takeaway without any dining facility is a cloud kitchen; in other words, ghost or virtual kitchens.

Types of cloud kitchen:
  • Commercial Kitchen: A rented commercial space in the neighbourhood or local market converted into temporary kitchens with an owner managing few cooks and some helpers for assistance and delivery.
  • Home Kitchen:  A scenario wherein homemakers who are passionate about cooking turning into home chefs by serving home-cooked food from their home kitchens.

Curious about cloud kitchens and want to find out more? 

Future Statistics: 
Research suggests the Indian cloud kitchen’s market size is expected to reach about USD 1 Billion by the year 2023 and as it is constantly growing with every year. The cloud kitchen market is more becoming a significant part of the overall food market estimated to reach 5 Billion USD. As per some recent research done on home kitchens and consumers especially, the reports highlights on how cloud home kitchens are likely to be the next frontier.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the food business badly but there is no stopping to this notion of ‘Cloud Kitchens’. And with pandemic keeping people away from restaurants will further cement the cloud kitchen market not just in India but also globally.

  • Virtual kitchens offer the freedom to focus on food preparation and product marketing and minimize the time-consuming administrative hassle that burdens food businesses.
  • Virtual kitchens save money as it reduces start-up costs because food businesses no longer have to go through expensive dine-in setups, utility bills, property taxes, cumbersome staff payroll, and pesky maintenance costs.
  • Cloud kitchens allow you to accommodate higher demands of your clients; expand your brand by facilitating online food deliveries out of one location to increase your revenue streams and reach a larger audience.

Scope:   The popularity of online food delivery has risen as consumers demand quick meal options at an affordable price. Consumers can place an order through their app, make quick payments and the food is delivered to their doorstep. Hence, most of these commercial cloud kitchens and takeaway outlets promote their business through various platforms such as mobile apps and social media.

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Therefore Ohhpro Junction serves the community marketplace to make it easy and beneficial for Ohhpro Junction Users to reach out to more and more customers. Sellers can build their own marketplace, earn genuine customers and grow their business within the community reach.

It is super easy to open a cloud kitchen. From someone operating a tiffin service from their home to someone running a small-sized restaurant, anyone can have a cloud kitchen to work from and cater to their customers.

If you have an idea for a cloud kitchen, you can offer a lot to the people you cater to with a minimum expense. You can increase your reach and serve people in a larger radius by setting up a cloud kitchen to serve home-cooked food to your customers.

  • Upload the selling product details (food image or menu etc.).
  • Set your price at your convenience.
  • Funnel your area location to target certain amount of customers.
  • Leave contact details for customers to call you directly to place order.
  • Mention your payment type (Cash/Online payment etc.) for easy transaction.
  • Update your selling status (Open/Close).

Ohhpro Junction Marketplace can help strengthen your business network by supplementing new marketing channels and reaching greater exposure.

Stay connected with Ohhpro Junction and explore the community market place today.

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