Building Community by Connecting Hearts

People perceive the modern city as a conglomerate of strangers as urban lifestyles are very individualistic in nature. The sense of community that is very common in other areas and equally important to prevent a lot of problems that are tackled as one community is however absent in urban living. Social relations are regulated by two variants of avoiding identity and establishing cells of community at the same time.
The orientation of the city life is to time and not to place; and this urban quality of life is a notion that has been the root of many problems facing all over the society,bereaved the chance to build an eco-community. People being anonymous
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with traditions and customs lacking disintegrates the complete social management system. People are all concentrated on their own affairs paying little or no attention to their friends, neighbours, and the society around them.

This festive season let’s celebrate the Ohhpro Community with assorted festivals that help communities to learn and engage in an intended way to make long-lasting connection across societies.

Festivals bring a Community closer:-

Festivals are celebrated because of their importance in a particular community, teach us something new about our neighbours, strengthen our relationships, and foster community pride by bringing people together from all walks of life. With the diversity of multicultural months we have the opportunity to host all kinds of festivals that motivate us to be with better people and to share our joy with the outer community. Celebrations are aboutmore people meeting each other, growing connections and improve communications. All these festivals allow individuals to showcase their diverse culture by dressing in traditional attire,

showcase our food by sharing them and learning about new tastes, kids tocelebratetogether and live in an eco-friendly world of differences. It is a bond that is being created with a feeling that says “yes, we belong to the same community.”

Ohhpro Junction is constantly evolving as one community in the presence of technology with advanced features which are not only facilitating people but bringing communities closer than before.

  1. E-invite:

      One of the hardest things about planning a function or gathering is trying to keep a track of the list of guests, and give them a call or message to see if they’re coming. With an ohhpro junction E-invite feature, you can manage all that from one application. You can create online invitations and group share with your guests. An online invitation can be an effective way to let people know about your event and encourage them to participate. This all-in-one approach is perfect for all sorts of events.

       Online invitations aren’t just easier for senders and guests to manage, they’re a positive step for the environment too. Going paperless is a great way to make your event more environmentally friendly. They’re often beautifully designed, with plenty of practical benefits, and they’re eco-friendly too.It saves money and time, reduces paper waste saving the

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    environment.Whether you’re planning a big celebration for a special occasion or a small get-together, time is often your most valuable asset. Cut down on time spent on a whole host of invitation-related problems by sending e-invites instead. Create and group share with your friends and neighbours over the app without going door-to-door.

  2. Asset & Amenities:

    Amenities play an important role in offering quality living. The presence of community hall, fitness clubs, gymnasium, sports facilities, or yoga hall give true meaning to a sound lifestyle. Outdoor spaces, including parks for kids' play and sitting areas for senior citizens', are an added advantage.

    With the help of Ohhpro Junction App, you can easily keep a track of your community assets and amenities. For any small or big celebration you want to conduct in your community, you can check the app calendar for the availability of the amenity before you book, raise a request and get a confirmation notification from the society admin. You can also pay online for the booked asset or amenities over the App.

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  3. Society Mart:

    A special food item you want to offer, a coffee table you want get rid of or a personal belonging you want to sell of; no matter what you are offering you need a marketplace with genuine customers. There comes Ohhpro Junction providing you with your community market place to make it easy and beneficial for Ohhpro Junction Users to reach out to more and more customers. Sellers can build their own marketplace, earn genuine customers and grow their business within the community reach

    For someone running a small scale food business from their home or wants to deliver free food service. It is super easy to promote your business and you can offer a lot to the people you cater to with a minimum expense. Upload the selling product details, set your price at your convenience, leave contact details for customers, update your selling statusand your work is done.You can check deals and discountsrunning in your locality,compare your profits and set a price for your products to get more & more buyers.

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   In a society where it is difficult to break down our usual discomfiture to reach out to strangers, we are dedicated to encouraging people living in communities with the facility to adapt to change in order to run a community efficiently and effortlessly. This festive season bring in Ohhpro Junction, the integrated community management system to manage your super community, and ensure it turned into an eco-system to the best extent possible.

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BuildingCommunity by Connecting Hearts

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