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In today’s urban world management of apartment societies, extended tenant rights, ownerships have now become highly regulated. And these advancements have reduced the amount of routine maintenance associated with apartment buildings. It is important, whether you’re living in the apartment, or renting it or going through property dealing, property owners must ensure their buildings are safe, comfortable, and liveable. Apartment maintenance plays a large role in achieving this goal. 

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What is apartment maintenance?

Apartment maintenance refers to activities that keep residential facilities safe, habitable, and enjoyable. It helps conduct both maintenance activities, as requested by tenants/owners, and preventive maintenance tasks for the apartment society. Maintenance managers, technicians and apartment supervisors oversee these routine tasks. It includes cleaning, plumbing, repairs, pest control, landscaping, and a lot more.

Facility management for apartment societies;

Facility management software is a solution that helps apartments RWA, and facility managers, manage residential buildings and units creatively and with flexibility. It uses technology to serve and support the residents by taking care of the properties, assets, amenities, and maintenance requests on time and appropriately.

  • A dedicated society management committee
  • Technology(IoT)
  • Enhanced service levels & accountability
  • Management of assets & amenities
  • Rationalization of AMC Contracts for equipment

The facility management solution offers significant features to administer effective maintenance services that include service & repair requests, complaints, and tickets, guiding preventive and post-maintenance, purchase equipment, employee administration, and payments.

It helps facility managers to meet the requirements of the owner, tenant, and the property with reliability. It enables the apartment society to save time, energy, and money by allowing them to supervise facilities and their service necessities on time.

It makes it easy to:

  • receive work requests from residents,
  • assign maintenance tasks to technicians
  • track maintenance status
What do apartment facility managers do? 

Most facility managers are residents of the apartment society or a part of the apartment management committee. Their work involved an array of facility management tasks, from attending emergency maintenance requests to assigning jobbers depending on the maintenance job status.

The facility manager’s primary responsibility is planning, scheduling, and strategizing maintenance tasks.

  • Ensuring building is secure, including floors, stairs, walls, and roofs.
  • Repair of concrete driveways, hallways, and stairways.
  • Cleaning of swimming pools, gymnasiums, and common areas.
  • Routinely inspecting apartment assets for workability.
  • Maintaining electrical, plumbing, ventilating, and air- conditioning systems.

Bigger apartments with multiple requirements, several maintenance technicians could require more than one maintenance managers; to check maintenance complaints, oversee the completion of daily tasks, and ensure safety standards are met.

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Technology in charge of apartment maintenance;

The best way to schedule apartment maintenance tasks is with the help of a facility management tool. However,many apartment maintenance teams still rely on a combination of spreadsheets, paper work orders, and whiteboards for task management.

With the help of a facility management tool, maintenance manager can focus more on the actual tasks instead of paperwork. This can streamline maintenance tasks by providing a central database in which resources are organized and work orders assigned to maintenance technicians.

A facility management solution like Ohhpro junction gets everything on a digitized, automated system. It enables the apartment society to plan, review, execute, control, and monitor tasks precisely and improve efficiency. It is one of the fastest ways to reduce spending, manpower and resources for your community.

It is the right choice to smoothen a wide range of operational functions that include handling and allocating technicians, registering requests and complaints, approving purchases, and managing the accounting properly. Facility management software empowers apartment societies to define workflows and processes for improving productivity and performance. It makes life highly convenient for the residents, allowing them to enjoy more time in these high-value facilities and ultimately resulting in greater resident satisfaction!

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