Super-apps are the future of mobile applications

Super-App, the Superhero:

Super apps serve as a single portal to a wide range of virtual products and services gathered under one umbrella. It is a mobile application that provides a variety of unrelated services via a single mobile interface.

This superlative piece of software got its name from BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis back in 2010. He defined it as a “super app is a closed ecosystem of many apps that people would use every day because they offer such a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient experience.”

The concept first emerged in China and Southeast Asia, where internet companies like WeChat, GoJek, and Grab leveraged the opportunity of customer traffic on their platforms by offering additional services. This led to increased revenue realization. For instance, WeChat which was originally an instant messaging app now supports social media and digital payments as well.

Today, super apps the so-called digital front doors, have evolved and led to a mass marketplace of services and offerings. Services that include cab rides, payments, e-wallets, bills, news feed, medical consultations, public services, housing, messaging and calling apps, games, and many more.  

They have been creating ecosystems made possible via in-house technology and through third-party integrations; only to pull in adjacent solutions which were logical recruits for its community of applications

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What makes an app a super-app?

Super apps will only maintain their appellation, only if they stand super in all users’ perspectives. They’ll need to embrace trends and characteristics that customers expect in the market today. And to do this, all companies working on super apps need to consider:


Making an app accessible to all users with equal opportunities is essential for modern super apps. Since users vary in age, gender, technical knowledge, and ability; a super app should provide access to people belong to all social groups and ensure everyone can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact easily. Inclusivity makes the super app usable for people with disabilities such as impaired vision, colour blindness, impaired hearing, cognitive disabilities, etc. However, inclusivity is what makes a company and brand more empathetic.

Data privacy

Once users download such an open system, it provides access to a vast amount of customer data and assets like personal information, sensitive data, transaction details or money. And the engagement of financial services within an app can be a hazard to the user security. This is a reason why companies ensure that their super apps are secure against fraud and threats while maintaining a smooth and frictionless customer experience. In addition to mobile app shielding, companies should also focus on integrating strong authentication into their apps. Tools such as digital identity verification, face and voice recognition, fingerprint readers, and behavioural biometrics enable the apps to affirm users and securely on-board new customers.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has become a vital part of the tech industry business. The growing number of mobile app users makes it understandable that super apps can influence the ways of living for people and their perspective towards social issues. For instance, a company via its product can contribute to create an eco-environment for people to co-exist with secure and healthy lifestyle, by using eco-friendly tools and equipment, also supporting in waste reduction and recycling etc.

Key benefits of super-app:

To point out more pros for the development of super apps and their implementation into business, let’s also look at the key benefits offered by this type of solution. 

  • Because the targeted audience of super apps is very wide, covering huge regions, such a type of solution reduces risks associated with product launches.
  • Super app do not require businesses to spend a large portion of their budget on development. It is so, because super apps open up space for integrations and adhere to the platform-based approach to scale their products
  • Super apps also enable a simpler on boarding process for new customers and reduced costs, achieved through automatic sync of customer data enclosing social and financial profiles
  • A super application, due to its wide functionality, usually attracts more users, which directly affects the company's revenue growth.
  • By integrating each new service, you have the opportunity to attract more audience and build a strong customer base;
  • The super app combines many features and the user does not need to download multiple apps to perform daily tasks, leading to greater customer engagement.
  • Super apps can reduce re-acquisition costs by retaining users from other platforms
  • As an app that can do everything, super apps attract more investors, which represents the potential for significant funding and investments

In this way, super apps provide benefits to both companies who can be sure that their product will be in demand and customers who can hit the big market with minimum spending and efforts. Are you too tired from switching between applications to fulfil different needs, such as buying groceries on Amazon, ordering meals on Zomato, or booking a ride on Ola? Then, you must look into super apps, which are an aggregation of apps that allow you to manage your everyday tasks from a single app without much dependency.

It is a super application built with a futuristic approach that can serve a purpose and cater to functional need; is revolutionizing the lifestyle of people living in urban society. As a super application, it has multiple features for a user to conduct their day-to-day life such as e-commerce, news, daily help, apartment security & integration with IoT, ERP tools, crypto currency, social media platforms, entertainment, games, and a lot more. Ohhpro Junction combines all these services that shift users away from accessing the regular apps present on their mobile devices. It prevents users from downloading multiple apps and shaping their behaviour towards the installation of those that offer a variety of services and offerings in one super app. 

After all, why maintain all those individual passwords and filter through a library of apps to find the one that does a specific task when you can have one app that does it all? 

Ohhpro Junction has also created a digital ecosystem within a single mobile application where customers and businesses can interact; whereas local businesses can connect with customers through a single digital platform to promote their businesses. The digital space, allows several businesses to operate in different regions and offer various services contributing to the rise of super apps popularity.

Considering the above-listed reasons, there’s no wonder why super apps have become so popular and the digitalization of all the processes will probably lead to the super app trend in India.

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