The Viral Impact #An Economy Lockdown

The Corona Virus has changed the whole world forever. The COVID-19 crisis is having a visible impact on all aspects of our lives and is likely to remain that way for the coming weeks and months.

A damaging impact on India’s economy caused due to a total lockdown was arising. Unemployment rate fell to 6.67 percent in September from 8.35 percent in August. This was possibly a result of a decrease in demand for the workforce.

Social distancing resulted in job losses, specifically those Indian society’s lower economic strata. Several households terminated domestic help services – basically an unorganized monthly-paying job.

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As is evident from the above, the impacts of COVID-19 on labor market statistics are very broad and constantly evolving, not all of which can yet be anticipated.

Both Central Govt and State Govt are constantly working towards helping people, while understanding their needs and providing adequate solutions as the time demands. Government has launched various programs and campaigns to help sustain economically lower class households, who have limited access to healthcare and other resources.

Under the “Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana”, 312 billion Indian rupees were accrued and provided to around 331 million beneficiaries that included women, construction workers, farmers, and senior citizens.

With “Pravasi Odisha” campaign, Odisha is taking steps for smooth return of migrant workers; anticipating the return of about 5 lakhs migrant workers to the state after lifting of the lockdown on May 3. Odisha Govt has spent around 472 Crores from CMRF for COVID-19 management since March.

In this pandemic scenario with rising unemployment, we put our best foot forward with sincere effort and effective solutions to help improve the economy of labourers and workers. We are constructively working towards providing a secure environment and opportunity for people to work in their home-state; without the need of travelling far from their families in search of work.

Digital products and digital platforms are the key aspects of the ever-changing world of business. Hence we have come up with a unique digital platform that provides means of communicating between job seekers and job keepers.

The choice of work and a good deal of money are some of the top things people look for in jobs. OHHPRO allows you to find suitable jobs, work with dignity, and make money on your time plan.

For more information you can visit and explore the Become A Jobber page in our website.

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