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“Don’t sit around and wait for the squawker box to ring; Carry your Interphone anytime anywhere.”

The smartphones have been making our lives more manageable and comfortable for more than a decade. Nowadays our lives have become so much easier yet dependable than we had never imagined. Smartphone apps provide a means of communication, which keeps on helping us to fulfil daily tasks and make lives easier. In addition to these smartphones, there are numerous applications specifically designed for communication which enables to make calls over the App.
Ohhpro Junction aims to help people living in communities with the facility to adapt change in order to run a community effectively and effortlessly

Society Intercom:
  • Connect with Community:
    E-intercom is the App-based intercom facility that is used to communicate with neighbours, daily staff, security guards, society admin and other community members.With the call/message to guard feature, you can call directly to your society guard at any point in time or you can also leave a message for appointing a task. Residential info provides you all information about your co-residents around you and you can call them directly using the App intercom. Your App intercom provides you an online phone directory with relevant numbers of your society committee members, society admin, security guards, regular staff, and nearby marketplace to contact local service providers and vendors over the App. With the facility of an E-intercom service integrated with the Ohhpro Junction app, communications among the community are no longer complicated.

  • Medical Emergency:
    Medical emergencies are life-threatening conditions that need immediate intervention. In case of these emergencies, there is no time to ask or search for numbers, as they demand immediate responses.

    Updating medical data in your mobile app can help you receive immediate medical help in required time.With the help of security alert feature, you can notify 7 people at the same time including society guards, family members, and neighbours to call for help. Emergency contacts available with COVID helpline numbers and nearby emergency numbers like hospital, ambulance, etc. And a community helpdesk to contact society admin, secretary and other committee members at any point in time.

    OhhPro real estate erp
  • Visitor Calling:
    With E-intercom service calls can be answered from anywhere at any time replacing the house intercom.There need not be someone present at home 24*7 to attend calls and perform activities. You can make direct calls using the App intercom and also confirm visitor entries in your premises over the app. When ever a visitor entry is made against your flat/house, you will get the visitor entry request in your phone.
    • You will receive a notification directly on your phone, which u can accept or reject with just selecting your option.
    • Incase system don’t get the response in the stipulated time, then IVR call will be initiated automatically. You can also specify alternate numbers for E-intercom.
    • If there is no response of voice call then guard can use the Phone App Intercom and take confirmation.
  • It is way more secured as you know your visitors before they get in.
  • You can approve or deny over the app.
  • Make calls at any point of time using your phone as an intercom.
  • Reduce device cost as there is no need of wired landline intercoms.
  • Less maintenance bill for residents.
  • Helps to manage society finance.

Society Finance:
Managing a society and its finance is a competent job. Be it a manual or a digitalized system, it requires a lot of meticulous management. Society finances are often confusing and messy. Hence, discipline in society finance management can lead to a streamlined system of wiser expenditures, and financial sustainability for the society as a whole. Considering the treasurer, supervisor, and all other management committee members are making appropriate arrangements to make things easier and run society smoothly

Many times, it’s a simple decision that can make a lot of difference. And progressed subsistence of the apartment system automatically alters to wiser expenditures.

Shifting from wired telephones to a mobile app intercom service helps cut down the workload of the society admin or management committee members by a huge margin. With a more efficient system in place, a housing society can focus more on increasing society's finance and managing its expenditure while facilitating residents at the same time.

On top of that society management committees don’t need to spend lacs on landline telephone services, as E-intercom is the absolute replacement to the wired intercom service. It might not be a big deal for small apartment societies with a fewer number of houses and a limited number of residents. But it makes a difference for larger size apartments in terms of Bulk Device Connections, Landline Cost, Operator Payments, Society Asset, Society Maintenance Bill, etc.

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Ohhpro Junction e-interphone service comes in remarkably handy concerning community affairs, from visitor requests, maintaining communication in the community to administering society finance all taking place on a single platform.

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