Childproofing is the best way to a safe society

In India, every fourth rape victim is a Child and every second child has experienced Sexual Abuse before the age of 18 most often by people known to them. Over 90% of those who sexually abuse children are people they know. The police, judiciary, and child welfare organization are doing their part and we must do what is within our control.In most child abuse cases, the child does not even understand what’s happening is wrong, or how to express it to parents.

A child's earliest sense of safety comes from his or her own parents; which means if parents consider their community to be safe, so do their kids. Hence, as adults, it’s our responsibility to understand what happens in such circumstances and to work towards preventing such incidents again. In fact, with the right step of precaution, we can control a lot of situations; particularly in a Residential Community as we manage with our set of rules. From installing security devices, hiring verified and trustworthy staffto build a strong administrative management committee; we can act sensible and responsible to create a safe Eco-System.

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Let’s us first understand the problem;
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 Ohhpro Junction

An integrated advanced community management system to manage apartment security, finances and other affairs to ensure your apartment turned into an eco-system to the best extent possible.

Regardless of all that is mentioned above, it is the prime responsibility of each and every resident to take responsibility of their society and its security. To make our Gated Community truly safe and secure, we must work together. And to make it happen, three aspects must play a major role Security Guards- Residents- Management Committee.

There is a famous saying,“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Bring in the change today with Ohhpro Junction; A complete management solution for gated communities.

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