Ohhpro Junction COVID Management Guidelines:

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The COVID-19 Crisis is having a visible impact on all aspects of our lives and is likely to remain that way for the coming weeks and months. In order to overcome the COVID19 situation, we are constantly innovating and enhancing our technology to meet your day-to-day needs.

Ohhpro Junction is A Contactless, Effortless & Paperless Solution to all your society management and a platform to connect daily needs just hassle-free. Ohhpro Junction is helping to build a Zero-Touch Eco-system in and around the community; providing an organized way of living, maintaining social distancing simultaneously bringing the closed community closer.

In this difficult situation, we are trying to make it possible to an extent, when people living in societies can check COVID vaccine status, get COVID test (RTPCR) done at their home, and other medical tests using one platform. We are also coordinating efforts to deliver home-cooked meals for families affected by COVID in the vicinity and deliver at their doorstep. Free.

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COMMUNITY COVID INFO: Be aware of flats/houses under quarantine/quarantine–free along with important COVID updates in your community. Inform Society admin, co-residents and security guards with self-quarantine feature to prohibit staff, visitors and others.

FOOD FOR COVID PATEINT:  Ohhpro Junction provides free meal service as an initiative to help those who have been impacted by COVID and living in home isolation. Raise a request for food, provide your test report and check food status right on your App.

RT-PCR TEST: If you don’t want to go out of your home to do a test, an expert medical professional can come to test you depending on your symptoms, and collect your sample from your home. The test results are received either by email or text within 24 to 48 hours after the lab receives the test.

COVID VACCINE: There are many Apps available on the internet at this time called COVID vaccine tracker. You can register for the vaccination through your phone for Aarogya Setu or COWIN Apps released from government of India. Ohhpro Junction brings the platform closer where you can check your vaccination status, find out the date for your vaccine and nearest vaccination centre through your phone app.

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Necessary Precautions for Your Community:-
  • Quick security alert for medical emergencies to inform family, neighbors, security guard and society admin. Update your medical data in your profile to get medical help in time.
  • Community help desk available for COVID help line numbers and nearby emergency numbers. Contact Guard and society admin at any point of time through the App.
  • Online notice board for society notice and announcement. Connect with neighbors and find local service providers without any direct contact.
  • Contactless visitor entry with limited visitors and staff inside the community with necessary precautions (Daily temp check, compulsory mask on, sanitization).
  • Pre-approve expected deliveries and inform security guard to receive parcels at the main gate. Track daily staff attendance with entry, exit notification. No chance to miss the track of staff attendance.

We are looking forward to the health and safety of more than 5,000 families on boarded with Ohhpro Junction by extending our support, and providing facilities.

Stay connected in this distancing COVID world with the help of Ohhpro Junction App.

For assistance, log in to the Ohhpro Junction App and raise your request if you require help with food, Covid test, vaccine or others

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