Ohhpro’s Data Security Policy

OHHPRO Data Encryption of user information consists of an integrated suite of products built on a common infrastructure. These highly-scalable solutions provide encryption, tokenization, data masking, and key management capabilities to help protect and control access to databases and files across the virtual private assets residing in virtual environments. Securely encrypting file and database data with such functionalities as tokenization, and data masking can help customers to ensure their information is secure with OHHPRO as per the government and industry regulations.

As OHHPRO promises to make your community Safe, Secure, and Smart; we have always been working towards making your life not only simpler but safer in society. Hence keeping your information safe and private is our top priority. This is why we’ve always been concerned, and cautious to never share data with any third party. And constantly goes through multiple assessments every day to keep our walls strong.

We’re pleased to announce that OHHPRO is now following the guidelines of GDPR; the global gold standard for data privacy. We’ve raised our standard for data privacy and seeks to uphold privacy rights where people have control over their own data. This change also makes OHHPRO submissive with the proposed Indian Data Privacy Bill, 2019, which is still before Parliament.With OHHPRO’s new data control policy, we’re amongst the few community management apps with advanced privacy settings that follows;

  1. Visitors may/may not share their contact details.
  2. All personal information will be encrypted.
  3. All visitor data will be auto-deleted.
  4. Can easily opt-out of Ohhpro junction/Apartment.

1. Visitors may/may not share their contact details.

Your visitorsmay/may not share their personal details like phone number or email address at the main gate in case they arrive unannounced.And you don’t need to share your guests’ contact information to create an invite as well.There will be no need of providing other details apart from their name and flat number to enter your premises, at the discretion of your apartment Management Committee.

2. All personal information will be encrypted.

All personal information (includingmobile number, email address and ID proof) in the security log will be in an encrypted format to maintain privacy as well as security. The database reserved for your society is available for inspection by your Management Committee only. There can be no access to your personal data from any other sources.

3. Can easily opt-out of Ohhpro Junction/Apartment.

Your society can retain visitor data log for a maximum of 30 days. All entry and exit data will be auto-deleted from OHHPRO systems after 30 days by default and once deleted, even OHHPRO will not be able to retrieve past data. Depending on the special requirement the data can be stored on request by the management committee for up to 180 days.

4. All visitor data will be auto-deleted.

If you want to stop using OHHPRO, you can easily opt-out yourself with your admin’s approval. With 'EXIT FROM JUNCTION’you will be temporarily suspended from accessing Ohhpro Junction. In case you are permanently leaving the apartment complex, you will be deactivated from the society with 'EXIT FROM APARTMENT'. Once you exit the apartment your information will no longer be available in our database.

Ohhpro's access control policy for User Information

“User Information” is defined as any information (in terms of contact details, personal documents, audio and video file, or image) you provide to Ohhpro, in connection with your registration for and use of the Ohhpro Platform. Ohhpro may have access to this information based on but not limited to the below features; a) security alert feature in case of medical emergency (the user can select any contact list from the phone directory) b) ohhpro social feature (image, video, and audio file sharing option on the private social forum) c) document file upload (uploading any personal document in the ohhpro app to save as a document repository; in any case, if the user lost or misplaced any document that can be retrieved/downloaded from the app account) d) advance visitor appointment (access to contact list of the users to schedule or send appointment requests to the visitor's device).
Ohhpro does not claim any rights on the user information or take responsibility of any lost or copy right infringement issues related to any of the user content.

Ohhpro-Junction for Business.

In Ohhpro-Junction Business Application; the office management may collect the location data in the background to track the movement of employees or staff members using the App if required.

This is only the beginning of our collaboration which is purely based on trust. We are continually working on the security and privacy of your data and we will keep making active improvements in this regard. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions to keep working on advancements.

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